A primary goal of the TRTC is to reduce the global impact of TB through enhanced education and training opportunities. The TRTC currently provides support for an annual symposium, a junior investigator award, and a regular research seminar series.

Annual Symposium

The TRTC holds an annual TB symposium, which serves as a forum for local investigators to present recent data and also includes an external keynote speaker. 

Junior Investigator Award

The TRTC strives to provide rigorous training and educational opportunities to the next generation of TB scientists. Today’s early career scientists are essential to ensure that the field remains innovative and scientifically robust. The TRTC has implemented a process, the TB Junior Investigator Award, to recognize the efforts of early career scientists who have made significant contributions to the entire spectrum of TB research including epidemiology, clinical research, implementation science, host-pathogen biology, microbiology, immunology, and vaccinology.

Seminar Series

The TRTC holds a monthly Mycobacterium Interest Group (MIG) seminar series with presentations by local TB researchers. The seminar series, which has been active for over 10 years, focuses on a variety of TB-research topics at the intersection of basic and clinical science.  

Advanced TB Research Training Course

The TRTC holds an annul one-day Advanced TB Research Training Course in the summer. This seminar is intended for students, trainees, as well as experienced investigators who are new to the TB field. 

Working Groups

Working groups will focus on a specific topic relative to TB research. These working groups will share experiences, expertise, and lessons learned, as well as identify opportunities for moving the field forward.