February 1, 2022

TRTC 6th Annual TB Symposium

The University of Washington (UW) Tuberculosis Research and Training Center (TRTC) held its 6th Annual TB Symposium on Friday April 22, 2022 from 8am-4:15pm in Orin Smith Auditorium, South Lake Union campus. Professor Rada Savic from UCSF was the keynote speaker. Links to recorded presentations are below.

Session I Moderator, Tom Hawn

8:30-8:35am Tom Hawn (UW), “TRTC Introduction”

8:35-9:35 Keynote: Rada Savic (UCSF), “Translating TB Treatment Response”

9:45-9:50 Lisa Obimbo, KTRTP Update

9:50-10:05 KTRTP trainee award—Jerphason Mecha, “Maternal HIV status and risk of infant M. tuberculosis infection as measured by TST


Session II Moderator, Sylvia LaCourse

10:45-11:10 Michael Gerner, “Visualizing immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis”

11:10-11:25 Masa Narita, “TB Update: King County”

11:25-11:40 Monica Pecha, “TB in Washington State”

11:40-11:55 TRTC trainee award 1—Ashenafi Cherkos, “Effect of pregnancy versus postpartum maternal isoniazid prevention therapy on infant growth in HIV-exposed uninfected infants” 


Session III Moderator, Kevin Urdahl 

1:00-1:25 Shuyi Ma, “Functional Dissection of Network Response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis”

1:25-1:50 Tanya Parish, “Targeting respiration in M. tuberculosis for new drugs”

1:50-2:05 TRTC trainee award 2— Lauren Cross, “Dissecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis hematogenous dissemination in an ultra-low dose mouse model“


Session IV Moderator, David Sherman

2:45-3:10 Andrew Fiore-Gartland , “Towards a BCG Immune Correlate of Risk

3:10-3:35 Kathryn Pepple, “Mycobacterial associated uveitis in either humans or mice” 

3:35-3:50 TRTC trainee award 3— Chandler Church, “A Systematic Review of Oral Swab Analysis for Diagnosing Pulmonary Tuberculosis”

3:50-4:05 Chetan Seshadri, Rhea Coler, & David Sherman, “New Horizons—SEA-TRAC


Symposium flyer: PDF icon6th Annual TB Symposium Flyer.pdf

Agenda: Agenda TB annual symposium 2022.pdf


Rada Savic


Dr. Rada Savic is a Professor at the University of California San Francisco and the Associate Director of the UCSF Center for TB. Her research focuses on data integration and modeling to solve problems in drug development and routine drug therapy in infectious diseases including special populations such as children and pregnant women. Dr. Savic is a world recognized pharmacologist and expert on drug regimen design and optimal dosing approaches and was named the 2021 Leon I. Goldberg Early Investigator Award recipient, which recognizes and honors young scientists for outstanding accomplishments in the field of clinical pharmacology achieved early in their career.