TRTC/SEATRAC holds a monthly seminar series, which features both basic science and clinical science presentations. These presentations are typically held the fourth Friday of each month from 12-1pm (occasionally these will fall on the third Friday of the month due to holidays). The location of this seminar series is South Lake Union F106 and through Zoom. 

Mycobacterial Interest Group Seminar Series TB Speaker Series 2022-2023

Location: Room SLU F106 & Zoom
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September 30, 2022:
Debbie Cross (Seshadri Lab) will present "MR1-restricted T-cell clonotypes and their association with “resistance” to M. Tuberculosis infection" and
Joshua Ivie (Hawn Lab) will present "Macrophage GWAS:  A Platform to Discover Human Genetic Determinants of TB Pathogenesis"

October 28, 2022
Mark Jones (Sherman Lab) will present "Probing caseum for Mtb transcriptional signatures"  and
Vishant Boradia will present on "Calcium transport by an M. tuberculosis PE/PPE protein pair"

November 18, 2022:
Michelle Sabo (Shah Lab) presenting "MUC5AC genetic variation is associated with tuberculosis meningitis CSF cytokine responses and mortality"

December 9, 2022
Urdahl Lab

January 27, 2023: 
Coler Lab

February 17, 2023:
Braden Griebel will present "Ser/Thr Kinases and Gene Regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

March 17, 2023:
Adrienne Shapiro

April 28, 2023:
Parish Lab and 
Naeha Subramanian

May 26, 2023:
Sylvia LaCourse

June 30, 2023: 
David Horne and
Engi Attia


September 24, 2021. Nitin Baliga will present "A systems approach to formulate drug regimen for shortening TB treatment" and Jason Simmons (Hawn lab) will present “Fatty acid conditioning of macrophages modulates the Mtb inflammatory response”. F106 and zoom.

October 22, 2021. Jen Ross will present “Estimating the population at elevated risk for TB (or COVID-19) in households using model-based analysis” and Christoph Grundner will present "Revisiting ‘eukaryotic-like’ phosphosignaling in Mtb". F106 and zoom.

November 19, 2021. Parish lab (Amala Bhagwat) will present "Exploring the mechanism of anti-tubercular activity and resistance of aminothiazoles in M. tuberculosis" and Cangelosi lab (Alaina Olson) will present "Urine LAM and Oral Swab Analysis: Tandem Testing for TB Diagnosis in People Living with HIV". F106 and zoom.

December 10, 2021. Urdahl lab (Lauren Cross), “Dissecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis hematogenous dissemination in an ultra-low dose mouse model” and Drain lab (James Wykowski), “Could TB Biomarkers Replace the Four Symptom Screen? A Systematic Review”. F106 and zoom.

January 28, 2022. Hassan Eldesouky (Sherman lab) “Repurposing FDA-approved drugs for treating Mycobacterium abcessus infections“ and Nathan Kieswetter (Seshadri lab), “Amidases and MGBs: Assessing novel anti-TB strategies in the mouse”.  Zoom only.

February 25, 2022. Shuyi Ma, "Functional Dissection of Ser/Thr Kinase Regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis" and Javeed Shah, "Controlling immune pathology as a host-directed therapeutic strategy for TB". F106 and zoom.

March 18, 2022. Adreinne Shaprio, "TB/HIV in a South African cohort and use of non-sputum diagnostics". F106 and zoom.

April 22, 2022. Canceled due to Annual Symposium this day

May 27, 2022. Dr. Maham Rais,  “Heterologous RNA prime and protein subunit vaccine boost vaccine regimens against Mycobacterium avium infection" and  Dr. Naeha Subramanian, “Innate immune regulators of MTB infection”. SLU F106 and Zoom

June 24, 2022. Sylvia LaCourse and Andrew Fiore-Gartland/Erica Andersen-Nissen. Talk titles TBA.

September 11, 2020--Mark Fajans (Drain lab) "Prevalence of Malarial & HIV Co-infection Amongst TB Presumptive and Asymptomatic Children in Western Kenya" and Shuyi Ma (Sherman lab) “Towards an Ex Vivo Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection Model featuring Primary Alveolar Macrophages.”, Zoom 

October 9, 2020--Donald Nyangahu (Jaspan lab) "Shifts in maternal gestational gut bacterial communities impact BCG specific immunity in offspring"and Greg Olson (Aderem lab) “Type I interferon controls macrophage metabolism during mycobacterial infection.”, Zoom 

November 13, 2020--Jen Ross "Population impact of community-based isoniazid to prevent TB among people living with HIV" and Andrew Frando (Grundner lab) "Comprehensive identification of serine/threonine protein kinase substrates in MTB", Zoom  

December 11, 2020--Sara Ahmed (Parish lab) “Identification of small molecules that restrict intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth” and Rafael Hernandez “Applying INDGO to identify new drug treatment regimens for Mycobacterium abscessus“, Zoom 

January 8, 2021--Dave Horne "TB Aerobiology and Infectiousness" and Susan Baldwin “Immunotherapy as an adjunct to drug treatment against Mycobacterium tuberculosis “, Zoom 

February 12, 2021--Jasmine Wilson (Gerner lab) Understanding the micronanatomy of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection using advanced computational approaches” and Shwetak Patel "Using Mobile Phones for Health Sensing”, Zoom 

March 12, 2021--Kyle Goodwin and Adil Mohamed (Iribarren lab) “TB-Treatment Support Tools: Test strip and app progress, refinement, and next steps” and Krystle Yu (Seshadri lab) "T cells specific for a mycobacterial glycolipid expand after intravenous BCG vaccination." , Zoom 

April 9, 2021--Aparajita Saha (Shah lab) “Immune Profiling Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific T cell Responses Longitudinally Across Pregnancy” and Peter Small/Simon Grandjean Lapierre "The Science of Cough", Zoom 

May 14, 2021--Monica Campo (Hawn Lab) “Differences between human AMs and MDMs in response to early Mtb infection” & Erica Andersen-Nissen/Andrew Fiore-Gartland (HVTN) “Evaluating TB Vaccines with the HIV Vaccine Trial Network”, Zoom 

June 11, 2020--Sylvia LaCourse "M. tuberculosis exosome detection for pediatric TB diagnosis" and Sara Cohen (Urdahl lab) "Investigating the effect of prior Mtb exposure on vaccine efficacy in the mouse model", Zoom Co