The Tuberculosis Research and Training Center (TRTC) at the University of Washington (UW) aims to foster innovative research efforts in the Seattle area, including inter-institutional collaborations between clinical/epidemiologic and basic science/translational investigators, to address important scientific questions about Tuberculosis (TB). To this end, we will begin the formation of TRTC working groups; each working group will focus on a specific topic relative to TB research. These working groups will share experiences, expertise, and lessons learned, as well as identify opportunities for moving the field forward. The working groups will have local meetings to develop their agenda and invite an external speaker annually for a presentation/discussion. The TRTC would cover all costs associated with the external speaker and provide additional expenses to foster working group meetings (e.g. lunch at a restaurant).

Proposal Procedure

We invite members of the Seattle TB research community to send us proposals for working groups. Proposals should be brief, one paragraph in length, and provide details on the three requirements below. All proposals must be submitted electronically via email to . There is no deadline and proposals will be received on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Proposal Requirements

TRTC working groups must meet these three requirements:

1) focus on a TB topic that would facilitate new interactions among TB researchers in Seattle

2) incorporate membership from at least two Seattle-area organizations, with a mixture of TB trainees and faculty

3) include two co-chairs, from different organizations, willing to organize working group meetings a couple times per year, as well as help organize an annual external speaker

Questions? Contact .