Annual Symposium

The University of Washington (UW) Tuberculosis Research and Training Center (TRTC) held its 4th Annual TB Symposium, entitled “Innovations to help end the TB epidemic; a new vision for the 21st century”, on Monday September 16th, 2019 from 8am-4:30pm in Orin Smith Auditorium, South Lake Union campus. Professor Valerie Mizrahi from University of Cape Town was the keynote speaker. Details of the agenda are below. 

4th Annual UW Tuberculosis Symposium Agenda

“Innovations to help end the TB epidemic; a new vision for the 21st century”

Monday, September 16, 2019; 8am-4:30pm / Orin Smith Auditorium

8-8:30am            Continental breakfast

8:30-8:40            TRTC Introduction, Thomas Hawn (UW)

Session I             Moderator: David Sherman (UW)

8:40-9:40            Keynote: “Tackling big questions in tuberculosis: a TB biologist’s view from South Africa”, Valerie Mizrahi (University of Cape Town)

9:40-9:55            TRTC trainee award: “BCG-induced T cells shape Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection before reducing the bacterial burden”, Jared Delahaye (SCRI)

9:55-10:10          TRTC trainee award: “A transcriptional signature derived from a mouse contained infection model of TB identifies human LTB+ individuals at low risk of progression to active disease”, Fergal Duffy (SCRI)

10:10-10:20       Open discussion

10:20-10:50       Break

Session II            Moderator: Sylvia LaCourse (UW)

10:50-11:20       “TB Vaccines in Development: Correlates of Protection and Lessons From Clinical Trials”, Rhea Coler (IDRI)

11:20-11:35       TRTC trainee award: “The Risk of Tuberculosis Disease in Children After Close Tuberculosis Exposure: An Individual Participant Meta-analysis of 46 Cohort Studies”, Leo Martinez (Stanford)

11:35-11:50       TRTC trainee award:  “TGFβ restricts T cell function and bacterial control within the tuberculous granuloma”, Ben Gern (SCRI)

11:50-12:00       Open discussion

12:00-1:00          Lunch

Session III           Moderator: Adrienne Shapiro (UW)

1:00-1:30            “TB Control Interventions in India; Progress and Prospects”, Puneet Dewan (Independent Public Health Consultant)

1:30-1:45            TRTC trainee award:  “Tuberculin skin test induration diameter and risk of progression to active tuberculosis”, Jorge Ledesma (IHME)

1:45-2:00            TRTC trainee award:  “Resistance to Mtb infection is associated with monocyte fatty acid transcriptional programs”, Jason Simmons (UW)

2:00-2:10            Open discussion

2:10-2:40            Break

Session IV           Moderator: David Horne (UW)

2:40-3:10       “TB Surveillance in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism”, Peter Small (Rockefeller Foundation       Fellow)

3:10-3:40            “Targeting persistent populations in TB drug discovery”, Tanya Parish (IDRI)

3:40-4:10            “IFN-g independent markers of Mtb exposure”, Chetan Seshadri (UW)

4:10-4:30            Open discussion and wrap-up

PDF icon4th Annual TB Program Agenda.pdf

PDF icon4th Annual TB Symposium Flyer.pdf