Annual Symposium

5th Annual TB Symposium, March 23 & 24, 2021

In order to highlight World TB Day, the University of Washington (UW) Tuberculosis Research and Training Center (TRTC) held its 5th Annual TB Symposium virtually on March 23 & 24, 2021 from 8am-11:30am, with a keynote from Dr. Susan Dorman (Medical University of South Carolina). Links to recorded presentations are below.

March 23

8:00-8:05am Tom Hawn (UW), "TRTC & KTRTP Introduction" 
Session I Moderator, Paul Drain (UW)
8:05-9:05  Keynote: Susan Dorman (MUSC), “TB, Covid-19, and U-Shaped Curves”
9:15-9:30 TRTC trainee award—Amy Oreskovic (UW), "Diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis using sequence-specific purification of urine cell-free DNA"
9:30-9:45 TRTC trainee award—Adrien Allorant (UW), "Estimation of subnational tuberculosis burden; finding gaps in detection strategies in Bangladesh by linking prevalence survey and case notification data"

Session II Moderator, Javeed Shah (UW)
9:55-10:15 Masa Narita (King county TB Contro Program), "TB in King County: Local to Global Implications" 
10:15-10:35 Monica Pecha (WSDoH), "TB in Washington State: the view from the middle seat" 
10:35-10:50 TRTC trainee award—Andrew Frando (SCRI), “Kinase-substrate assignment defines the O-phosphorylation landscape in Mycobacterium tuberculosis”
10:50-11:05 TRTC trainee award—Angela Zhou (UW), "Development of a quantitative assay to measure mycobacterial lipid antigen-specific T cell receptors in human tissues and blood" 
11:05-11:25 Heather Jaspan (SCRI), "Microbiota during crucial developmental periods modulates infant responses to BCG vaccination"

March 24

Session III Moderator, Elizabeth Obimbo (Univ of Nairobi)—UW-Kenya TB Research and Training Program (KTRTP) 
8:00-8:20am Sylvia LaCourse (UW), “Past, present, and future UW-Kenyan TB collaborations”
8:20-8:30 Elizabeth Obimbo (UoN), "Educational and Training Mission of KTRTP" 
8:30-8:50 Videlis Nduba (KEMRI), “Research Opportunities at KEMRI”
8:50-9:10 David Horne (UW), “Aerobiology & the KTRTP UW-Kenya Collaborative Training and Research Network”
9:10-9:25 KTRTP Trainee award--Dickens Onyango (Kisumu County Dept of Health), "Sub-optimal biomarker-confirmed adherence and correlates of nonadherence to isoniazid preventive therapy in children living with HIV in western Kenya"

Session IV Moderator, Chetan Seshadri (UW)
9:50-10:20 David Sherman (UW), “Discoveries for Impact: New Tools to Tackle TB”
10:20-10:35 TRTC trainee award—Magda Donczew (UW), “Applying ODELAM technology to explore mechanism controlling mycobacterial phenotypic heterogeneity”
10:35-10:50 TRTC trainee award—Christine Anterasian (UW), "Immunoproteomics & macrophage mechanisms of human resistance to TST/IGRA conversion"

10:50-11:20 Ann Ginsberg (BMGF), "Toward Ending the TB Epidemic"

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5th Annual UW Tuberculosis Symposium Agenda

“Collaborations to help end the TB epidemic; a new vision for the 21st century”

Tuesday/Wednesday, March 23rd and 24th, 2021; 8am-11:30am pacific time

World TB Day, which is observed on the 24th of March every year, is designed to raise public awareness regarding the epidemic of tuberculosis (TB) and efforts toward eliminating the disease. This date celebrates the day in the year 1882, when Dr. Robert Koch made an announcement to a small scientist group that he had discovered the tuberculosis cause, TB bacillus. At the time of the announcement by Koch in Berlin, TB was raging through the Americas and Europe. In every seven people that died, one of them had died because of TB. Today, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide and the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent (ranking above HIV/AIDS). Thirty high-TB burden countries account for almost 90% of those who fall sick with TB each year. TB is a disease of poverty and economic distress; vulnerability, marginalization, stigma, and discrimination are comorbidities often faced by people affected by TB. The Tuberculosis Research and Training Center (TRTC) at the University of Washington recently formed the Kenya TB Research and Training Program (KTRTP) in order to catalyze international research projects and discoveries in TB research. One major goal is to foster bilateral collaborations between Seattle and Kenyan-based investigators. This symposium highlighted emerging collaborations such as this, with the hopes of fostering further cross-collaboration. More than ever, we need to work together in order to help end the TB epidemic. This year’s World TB theme is “The Clock Is Ticking". 

TRTC Junior Investigator Award

Junior investigator award applications are accepted once per year, prior to the annaul TRTC TB symposium. Applications were reviewed by the TRTC management team and evaluated according to their contributions as demonstrated by the creativity, technical accomplishments, and impact of their research. Applications were due February 1, 2021. To learn more, visit or contact Ksenia Koon at