Grants remain the cornerstone of academic research, but are very competitive to procure. This is especially true for junior investigators, who face additional obstacles, including a shorter track record of productivity, less experience writing grants, and variable involvement from mentors. In order to increase the success rates among junior investigators in our TB community who are applying for grants, we are offering informal Mock Study Section on an ad hoc basis.

Mock NIH Study Section

The study section is the basic unit of grant review at the NIH and consists of content experts that review grants, discuss merits/faults, and assign scores which determine whether the grant is funded or not. We will assemble local experts in TB Microbiology, Immunology, and Clinical Epidemiology, many of who have served on NIH Study Sections, to review grants written by our trainees. Our goal is to provide a critical review of these grants and targeted feedback with the goal of improving the submission and likelihood of successful funding.  

Submission Requirements

On an ongoing basis, we are requesting that interested applicants submit a completed proposal consisting of near-final versions of the required documents. The mock study section will not review partially completed applications or evaluate grants in the very early states of preparation. The goal of the review is to provide targeted feedback on a mature submission to improve its chances of being funded.

Review Process and Timeline

Applications must be submitted to . Aplications will be reviewed and oral feedback will be provided in a two-hour open meeting. Thus, investigators should be comfortable with their application being discussed in front of others. 


Contact Chetan Seshadri (