• The Administrative Core provides operational management, including communications, website, as well as coordinating meetings and conferences. The Center is led by Multiple Principal Investigators Drs. Chetan SeshadriRhea Coler and David Sherman with support from Administrative Director Susan Mello and Program Manager Jordan McCrary.

  • The Developmental Core oversees several new educational, training, and grant programs designed to foster career development of junior or senior investigators that are new to TB research. Core Leads: Drs. Thomas Hawn and Sylvia La Course
  • The Basic Science Core will provide training for scientists new to working in the Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) environment and lead training and consulting in advanced microbiology and immunology methods. Core Leads: Drs. Tanya Parish and Kevin Urdahl 
  • The Clinical and Translational Science Core will lead training and consulting in clinical research methodology, including clinical immunology, and foster collaborative research with our international partners. Core Leads: Drs. David Horne and Paul Drain.
  • The Data Science Core aims to enhance data science for TB by improving data science literacy, enabling utilization of data science methods in TB research, and catalyzing cross-disciplinary collaborations between TRAC researchers and New-to-TB data scientists, including i4TB Working Group. Core Leads: Shuyi Ma and Andrew Fiore-Gartland


Data Science Consultations

We offer Data Science Consultations for TRAC members to address questions pertaining to topics including: biostatistics, study design, machine learning, visualization, bioinformatics, and mathematical modeling. These are ~1 hour sessions where we will listen and advise on relevant resources for your questions, including troubleshooting or interpretation of ongoing analyses.

Do you have a question that would benefit from a consultation? If so, please complete the Data Science Consultation Form.

Would you be interested in helping? We gratefully seek TB Data Science Partners who would like to help with trainings or consultations, as opportunities to teach and spark new collaborations. Activities would include guest-advising on consultations, creating didactic content for trainings (e.g., pre-recorded lectures, leading tutorials). If interested, please fill out the TB Data Science Partner Interest Form.

Basic Science Consultations

The Basic Science Core provides training for scientists new to working in the Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) environment and lead training and consulting in advanced microbiology and immunology methods.  

If interested, please fill out the Basic Science Consultation request form.


The Clinical and Translational Science Core is assembling a listing and description of lab groups or studies that have clinical samples available in their biorepository.  Each listing will include a 1-2 sentence description of the study/cohort, and a brief listing of the types of samples that may be available for collaboring investigators.  Collaborating investigators, including faculty, graduate students, and post-docs can complete the Biorepository Request Form access to those samples.  When completed, the form will come to Paul Drain and/or Dave Horne who will determine the merit of the request.

If Interested, please fill out the Biorepository Form.