SEATRAC Funding Awards

SEATRAC New Investigator Awards (NIAs)


To support promising New Investigators (NIs) to conduct TB research by providing financial support to acquire pilot data to increase likelihood of future successful external funding. 

Download the entire NIA RFA for detailed application instructions.     


Types of Projects Supported

TB-related research is defined broadly and includes basic science, clinical, epidemiological, behavioral, and implementation science research.


Allowed Budget

$50,000 per year for up to two years of funding. Funds can be used for both salary support and research/experimental costs. Approximately two NIAs will be given annually with a goal to fund one in basic/translational/data science and one in clinical/epidemiology/implementation science.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. MD or PhD or equivalent terminal degree (including an MBChB plus a Master’s Degree).

  2. New or Early Stage Investigators as defined by the NIH including:

    • Post-doctoral and clinical fellows

    • Early-Stage faculty (Assistant Professor and earlier)

    • Individual Principal Investigators (PIs). We do not allow Co-PIs to apply

  3. NIH K-awardees (clear differentiation in the scope of work between the K-award and NIA)

  4. Currently employed at a SEATRAC affiliated institution

    • UW

    • Fred Hutch

    • Seattle Children’s

  5. If the applicant is from non-U.S. institutions, then there should be a primary mentor at a Seattle-based TRAC affiliated institution. 

  6. Enroll as a SEATRAC member

  7. SEATRAC is committed to ensure a diverse workforce and encourages applications from individuals that are historically underrepresented defined by the NIH.

  8.  One application to this program per cycle.  Resubmissions must address previous NIA cycle reviewer critiques.



RFA Release July 8, 2022
REQUIRED: Non-Binding Letter of Intent Form September 1, 2022
RECOMMENDED: NIA Core Consultation Appointments September 9, 2022 
Core Feedback Window Ends September 9th 2022
Application Deadline October 17, 2022
Review Date October - November 2022
Estimated Earliest Award Date December 2022


SEATRAC Awardee Support Grant (ASG)

The SEATRAC ASGs provide modest but important support for trainees for activities that facilitate communication, collaboration, research, and dissemination of research findings related to TB. 

The grants include up to $1000 with 25% matching funds other source.  Approximately 10 ASGs will be awarded per year. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, acting or early career faculty with a rank of Assistant Professor or below at one of the SEA-TRAC affiliated institutions.
    • University of Washington
    • Seattle Children’s Research Institute
    • Fred Hutch Cancer Center
  • Maximum one award per year per person. Mentors are limited to 2 ASGs per year for their mentees to ensure a more equitable distribution of resources and diversity of research interest. Unsuccessful applicants may apply again for a different request.
  • Matching funds of 25% of costs of the activity must be provided by an alternative source (trainee, mentor, department, or other source) and documented in the application.

Specific Policies

  1. Requests for applications occur three times per year with submissions due on July 1, November 1, and March 1. One application per person per submission deadline. Applicant must register as SEATRAC member to apply.
  2. Eligible activities: support for publication and dissemination costs, costs associated with TB training or research meetings, and other educational activities directly linked to TB research. Manuscript publication charges are eligible only if the manuscript has been accepted. Ineligible expenses include salaries, stipends and computers. 
  3. Criteria for awarding of an ASG will include justification of the proposed activity as an integral part toward a New Investigators career development or in the case of established new to TB investigators a demonstration of new research direction in TB. 
  4. Trainees will have 12 months to submit receipts for reimbursement.  A short summary of the outcomes of the activity will also be submitted at that time. 
  5. Acknowledgment of SEA-TRAC should be included in products produced as part of the activity. 

SEA-TRAC values diversity and encourages individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

How to Apply

  • Join SEATRAC by filling out the SEATRAC Membership Form.
  • Download a copy of the ASG Application prior to submission. The online application form will require you to submit: Proof of Commitment, Abstract, and Agenda or Brochure
  • Applications are currently closed.